Philippine Henry de Frahan, BELGIUM

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Antiquing ... Get ... Transform!

Philippine Henry de Frahan, this self-taught artist has worked for many years as a teacher before starting on a passion she consumes full time since 2012.

His boundless creativity starts in flea markets ... Chiner, rummage, rare vintage finds. Finding this small object forgotten, disparaged, damaged, the one that nobody wants ... She will give her a new life while preserving its own history. Once in hand, whether paper, wood, glass or metal, unconsciously, she already knows what she will do and what will be its new destiny. Through the diversion of objects, Philippine creates all sorts of things. With time and experience, she specialized in the creation of lighting and decorative objects. In such it creates, there is a mixture of some Wabi-Sabi* and upcycling*.

In his workshop in Grez-Doiceau (Walloon Brabant), the mother of three children managed to combine this wonderful and magical feeling to bring something new in creation with a fulfilling family life.

All Philippine creations are original, unique and sometimes shifted. While remaining customizable at will according to the liking of your desires. On the corner of a table, in the kitchen, on a window sill or by the fireplace ... His designs bring you charm and fantasy, even a touch of nostalgia.

*Wabi-Sabi :

On the Japanese expression. It is the acceptance of time passing, as if each object was telling us a story. Let live subject with its natural side, the rough, imperfections, elegant and natural.

*L’upcycling :

It is the transformation of object into something new, different from its original purpose.