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With a graduate degree at Central Saint Martins (University of Arts, London) in pocket, Hattie Hollins creates Nook London in 2011, a young decoration design company based in East London. This is a reckless love for vintage and industrial design that started with a small collection of incandescent bulbs. With time and experience, the company has grown and is now a real small hive of activity.
In addition to filament bulbs, dear to Thomas Edison, Nook London offers a whole range of accessories around this decorative element that has not aged since its creation in 1879.

Just like the vinyl record, vintage and industrial style bulbs Nook, two inventions of the last century destined to disappear, found a second life in the ultra chic bars, trendy fashion stores and other clubs.


Parideo's review on working with Nook:
Why did you choose to sell incandescent bulbs while Parideo focuses sustainable and quality design ?

If since 2008, an EU directive prohibits the sale of this type of light bulbs, decoration and design have been there and it is the trick that allows manufacturers to conventional bulbs can continue to produce them.

First, Nook bulbs are considered a secondary lighting, they are dimmable and decorative, which will bring a certain charm to your home.

Although they are more energy efficient than compact fluorescent tubes, halogen and other low voltage LED, they do not recycle and have an average lives of 3000hrs or 3 years at 4 hours / day. But they keep the charm that we love so much look like a wood fire crackling. And does not necessarily require lampshades.
Parideo therefore prefers the intensity of a white-hot filament that gives a warm light rather than fluorescent whose intensity is often artificial and cold, which hides as they are unsightly, sensitive to moisture, cold, inadvertent ignition, which emits waves less than a meter and which, if it bursts may intoxicate you touch its Mercury content.
Which for the LED does not recycle either. Also the compact fluorescent and LED are overpriced and I have a doubt about their real lifetime. I have never had a CFL that lasted more than 3 years.

And that there be no mistake, if Nook London produces these bulbs in China, it is the same for all our low voltage bulbs!

Like Italian Achille Castiglioni (Lampadina edited by Floss) thought, I am almost certain that the filament bulb will never disappear.