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MOEBE derives from "Amoeba", a unicellular organism representing simplicity in our design DNA, and the word "Møbel" (furniture) that reflects the type of products they design.

A Scandinavian design company based in Copenhagen and founded in 2014, designs, produces and simplifies things. To reduce their designs to the simplest forms, by creating honest and fair products in the making, while being easy to understand - Never compromise aesthetics!

Between the cabinetmaker, Anders Thams and the 2 architects Nicholas Oldroyd & Martin D. Christensen, the merger takes place. Artisanal and creative values blend quickly to form one, with Moebe.
The union is its strength, it is well known. And our 3 artists, quickly discovered by this same understanding of form, dimensions, in the follow-up of a concept and its production.
One might think that the 2 architects imagine and that the cabinetmaker conceives. Out of Moebe, everything is shared. From the first pencil stroke on the paper to the first prototype. Ideas are common and are the result of hard work in constant symbiosis.
By the way, each has its own strengths. Martin and Nicholas are, by virtue of their studies of architects well with the drawing and visual presentation of their ideas. While Anders has a strong understanding of materials and crafts, and can lead them from paper to a tangible product early on in the process.