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Questions about returns


If you notice a problem at the time of delivery we ask you to contact us as soon as possible through our online form or by phone.
Note that you are responsible for receiving the product in the presence of the carrier.If no damage claim is made within 48 hours of receipt, Parideo will not
be responsible for any damage or lack of items.


Yes! You have the legitimate right to inform us of your intention to return the product,
within a legal period of 14 days from receipt of the items.
All products on our Eshop are returnable, unless otherwise stated.
Returned products must be intact, in perfect condition for resale and in their original packaging.
They must not have been used and suffer from deterioration, however minimal.
The product must be in a state of perfect cleanliness.
Any product damaged, incomplete or whose packaging is damaged will not be refunded or exchanged.
In case of recovery and after verification of your returned package, you will be refunded the amount to the bank account
from which the payment was issued, within 15 working days.
In all cases, PARIDEO will do everything possible to reimburse you quickly.

Return FEES ?

The costs of returning an order are fully payable by the customer.
And is equal to the price of your shipment, selected during your initial order. If your order was delivered free of charge, it is equivalent to the price of a classic home delivery.
These will be automatically deducted from your refund / credit note.
In the exceptional case of an error in your order or a breakage related to the carrier, these will be taken care of by Parideo.


No. We offer a refund or credit on returned items.
In the exceptional case of an error on our part on your delivery, the exchange will be possible.

◾ RETURN - How to proceed ?

1- Contact us as quickly as possible via our contact form or by phone
2- Take pictures of the items you want to return. In the event of a dispute, these will serve as possible evidence.
3- Go to the la RETURN PAGE and follow all the instructions.
4- Carefully pack your products to avoid any movement and breakage.
    The products must be in their original packaging and be accompanied by the invoice.
5- Print and paste the return label.
6- Take 2 photos of the package to be returned: a photo of the package with the box open and another with the box closed.
7- Go to the selected Relay Point to drop off your package and ask a proof of shipment (very important).

Any failure on these different points may be subject to a non-refund of your returned items.