Konstantin Slawinski, Germany


The Company's Konstantin Slawinski was born in 2003 with the manufacture of home accessories that facilitate daily life.

His career has been directly inspired of its great-grandfather Jakob, which there are more than 100 years created a factory of various devices of metal constructions. In 2000, Konstantin, with the help of Tanja Kaminski, took over the management of the family business in Siegen, Germany.

In addition to the development of traditional products of the family company, Konstantin wanted to do something different, something exciting and arouses emotions to share, something that causes the desire of the "must-have".

Already quite young, he was in constant contact with many typical design products the 60s to 80s, so that's probably where it came the taste of design.
The first idea was to manufacture accessories with the means of production and distribution of the edge. Their first products were made of stainless steel bowls, presented at Ambiente in Frankfurt in 2003.

But it was soon clear that the manufacture of these products was difficult to reconcile with that of industrial products, because of the structure of processes and costs. Therefore, since 2004 the focus was on the selection and distribution of products they like and whose main selection criterion remains the absolute desire to possess these objects. Production is carried out by third parties, usually in Germany. Over the past decade, a range has been set up, covering areas of life and very different activities, which must of course continue to grow.

Over time, they focused on working with young designers who understand their desires to offer unconventional things, useful and beautiful in the products they design. Therefore, one often finds a fascinating history behind the development of these products.

Production in Germany is very important to them for reasons of quality and logistics. It also reflects a greater tendency to short distances, that they blithely follow.
This determination to want link the quality of a product to its design, while passing through the history of its designer, has earned them many awards in the Design. Rewards can be seen as a fulfillment of their come.