Kevin Fries & Jakob Zumbühl, Switzerland

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Kevin Fries and Jakob Zumbühl, the unlikely duo between a window dresser and a design engineer who met for the first time during a teamwork to ZHdK Zurich, who quickly realized their complementarities.

Despite their teamwork during their studies, they first took their own career path, while finding some occasions on joint projects to discuss. Apart from this complicity, while working each at distinct locations, born a growing complicity, it seemed more and more as evidence of working together in a single place.

Their different ways of thinking and working is the key to their success so far. Like their first experiences from their respective formations with multiple and common interests for the world of design.

In 2003, they created the Fries & Zumbühl studio and settled in an old industrial building not far from Zurich, and offers enough space for new ideas and experimental work.

Understanding design as a balanced interaction of technological, aesthetic and cultural is the basis of their creations.

In the design process, they do not confront only requirements on the form or content, but also in respect of requirements for production and market: Consumer, idea, aesthetics, identity, originality, emotion , function, ergonomics, production, logistics, materials, innovation, ecology, economics, are words that come to master. When we know how to move in these terms, knowing the limits and possibilities, it becomes easy to play at will with them!

Many factors are highlighted. The result is the creation of unique and exceptional products.