Jaanus Orgusaar, Estonia

Jaanus Orgusaar, designer Tallinn, Estonia-en vente sur PARIDEO-design d'intérieur durable

Jaanus Orgusaar, architect by training, born in 1971, wanted to settle his design studio in his native country, Estonia.

This inventor and designer plunges directly into the primal source. His work is directly inspired by the geometric shapes of nature, which clearly distinguishes his objects.
Its trademark is the construction of three-dimensional objects, from two-dimensional sheet materials and inventive patterns. As a passionate experimenter he plays with structures resulting in surprising design and architectural objects.
The shape, being based on nature’s principles, enables to change the scale of the object and so it’s possible that a lamp on Jaanus’ work desk transforms into a house and vice versa. Her sculptural objects are both practical and beautiful, offering a unique spatial experience.

Just as nature aspires to structure and order, constantly adapting to its own environment, this genius designer tries to do the same!

Most of his objects were created out of the practical needs of the designer’s own family. Every product is used daily by the family - tested, proven and perfected over the years.

Complex shapes, birch wood and Finnish plywood, light and robust structures: this is the world of this designer who does not have a pen in his pocket!Over the last ten years, this talent discovery has been awarded many times and exhibited throughout Europe.

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