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With these stated goals, Sebastian Hoek and Sascha Sartory began in 2010 with the creation of the studio FORMFUSION in the heart of Cologne.
Both met for the first time when studying Industrial Design together at the University of Wuppertal. After graduation, both worked for various design agencies, nationally and internationally. There, they gained a wide range of expertise in industrial design and product development with a focus mainly on consumer goods for both medium-sized businesses and global corporations.

FORMFUSION combines creative methods of working from various disciplines of the product development.
The creative agency, led by Sebastian Hoek and Sascha Sartory is complemented through a network of experts: depending on the type of project, the appropriate external expert for each topic will be involved and join the team.
Therefore you will not only take advantage of a more flexible, highly motivated team of experts but, given the low fixed costs of our corporate structure, you will also benefit from a cost-efficient service with high quality and professional management.

FireHelp and Shuffle Box are their best examples!

Sebastian Hoek, studied industrial Design at the BUGH Wuppertal. After his studies he worked for numerous agencies such as XLPLUSDESIGN in Shanghai, China and Designum in Istanbul, Turkey.

Sascha Sartory holds a diploma II from the industrial Design department at the BUGH Wuppertal and a diploma I in design at the FH Aachen. After his studies he worked for several agencies in Germany including Vistapark in Wuppertal and Frackenpohl Poulheim in Cologne.