DING3000, 4 product(s) in the shop

Carsten Schelling, Sven Rudolph and Ralf Webermann met during their design studies in Hanover. The trio first worked for studios Vogt & Weizenegger and Marcel Wanders before creating them in 2005, DING3000 - Ding meaning "the thing" in German.

The heart of their work is the design of new products and creative consumer goods based on a serious challenge to all relevant aspects of the conception. From Materials to production, while passing through the use and sustainability. The culmination of a product goes up seeking skilled producers and their support on the production line.

Their reputation lies in their past personal experiences - three brains for a team, here counts ;-) In their brilliant ideas such as the creation of "Pimp my Billy" in 2005. Which is nothing other than a shelf "tuned" of the famous Billy Ikea cupboard. Or S-XL Cake edited by Konstantin Slawinski, a silicone cake pan that allows different sizes of gluttony.

Even if they are little known to us, their creations have already made them an international reputation for over 30 awards and honors. Including the well-known IF-Award, Good Design Award, the Red Dot Award and the Design Plus Award. Their work has also been published in many books such as "Design Now!", "Taschen", "Furnish and Desire" ou encore"The Shape of Things to Come".