Babalis & Hoursoglou, Greece

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Thanassis Babalis & Constantinos Hoursoglou are Greek. The first, lives and works in his hometown of Thessaloniki. Constantinos, if he is from Athens, he lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. Both have an almost similar pattern in their professions. They met at the Royal College of Art in London, where they came out with a Master of Industrial Design.

After their studies, the paths diverge. Time for everyone to live their own professional experiences. To finally end up in Greece a few years later and found their own Design Studio, named Shibui*.
*A Japanese word that refers to an aesthetic of simple and discreet beauty.

Using minimal resources and natural materials, products are made to last. Sustainably designed in harmony with nature, every form has a function and every detail a purpose.
Handmade in Europe by skilled artisans, Shibui's creations are inspired by the desire to create style objects, useful and accessible to all.

Integrity, sustainability and simplicity are values specific to Thanassis & Constantinos they managed to incorporate in their creations.