Aoflo, France

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Aoflo places sustainable development at the heart of his work ethic and expansion.

Florence Aobadia, the Franco-Swedish is a jack-of-all, world traveler, open-minded and find solutions where problems still exist.
Keep in all circumstances, a positive spirit and a smile on what will happen.

Obag' is the desire to offer a functional, simple and convenient product with quality materials, handcrafted in France by a skilled workforce, passionate and committed to details.
This reflects a personal and business ethics while promoting craftsmanship and high-quality products.
Florence and Berengere prefer the short circuit to provide a "Made in France" with attractive prices.
In 2010, Obag was awarded to the Lépine Competition of Paris Fair by A.I.F.F (Association of Inventors and Manufacturers).

At Parideo, we welcome the tenacity of these two mothers in their commitment to entrepreneurship. Stay tuned ;-)