January 2023.

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PARIDEO, a pun to be closer to the adjective "ideals", in French. Which tends to perfection, with all the desirable qualities, while responding to a series of aesthetic, moral, intellectual demands of a person or a group of people, tirelessly trying to give full satisfaction.

What we do.

PARIDEO, These are the finest materials mostly, conscientious designers of the environment around them, with the desire to add value to their products, sometimes self-assembly, in sending flat, requiring little knowledge for taming the object. It's also the pleasure to have something unique for yourself. Something you will not find anywhere else, that might make your neighbors jealous both its beauty and usefulness magnifies it.

PARIDEO, is an E-business store that sells durable and unique contemporary design objects, of unknown European designers. Objects whose properties rhyme with playfulness, interactivity, intelligence and quality. And a full sake of transparency and information at all levels: manufacturer, designer, materials, carriage, environmental impact.

Our values.

PARIDEO, It is also a commitment to producing only on request, to consume less, to limit the carbon footprint, offer only unknown designers and artists to the general public, who have this philosophy to create things over a need or by careful selection of materials. , to "do more and better with less" and that doesn't fit into mass production.

Our Goal.

Reconnecting people with a high quality design and promote at best our designers and artists by giving them as much visibility as their creations. Demonstrate that the premium is not only unaffordable.

Our founder.

A passionate of authenticity, discovery, travel and meetings. Passionate about interior design, self-taught photographer and former publicist in communication. A character that brought countless hats in many areas never tiring of experiences. A lover of beautiful things that sustain through the ages and of time passing. Who inherited values and human scale, which through Parideo will try to revive in each of you a taste of the beautiful, the true, the useful and the desire to do much and better, with less. While discovering new talents, both Belgian and foreign.
Matthieu Cogels

« La qualité d'un Homme se calcule à sa démesure: Tentez, Essayez, même Échouez, sera votre réussite ». Jacques Brel