Mixing Old and New !

Hagar Abiri’s renovation of a Berlin apartment takes what others would have viewed as a design problem, and converts it into a centerpiece for the home.Working in an old building, the small apartment faced a layout issue due to a large protruding wall; angularly dividing the space along the Berlin wall path instead of with the grain of the room dimensions. Rather than destroy this wall to make the space more normal, Abiri embraced its obnoxious presence by leaving it in tact and completely exposed.
The architect took this approach to almost all the original elements of the home, including doors, door knobs, etc, and these rough texture add a pleasant contrast to the new additions of the space, which parcel the apartment into areas to work, play, sleep and cook. (Vintage GLOBE SPIRAL bulb available on our Eshop)These spheres of activity overlap and work outside the limits of conventional partitioning, making the apartment feel more open as the program becomes more permeable.
Berlin, like many ancient cities, lost a lot of its more beautiful buildings in the horrors of WWII, so it’s commendable to preserve as much of the old city as one can, especially in the shadow of the steel and glass structures that have taken over in the last few decades.

Photo credits: Diane Adam
Conception: HAAG

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