Slit House, Japan

Made only by slits... No window!
A wall 105m in length with 60 slits surrounds the site and realizes the architectural space in this narrow and long site. No other architecture has ever been realized by such this method.
This simple method distinguishes the outline of the entire figure and abstracts the stance of the
That make us more sensitive to light. The interior space is light beyond our expectations.
Light through the slits varies its appearance momentarily according to weather, season and time and remind us our old experience in memory with poetic scenery. It looks like a stream of light
through Fusuma or Shoji in Japanese traditional architecture or a stream of light from a skylight of
ancient stone architecture.
Located in an old city in Japan, where many private houses stand in a row.
One of two narrow frontages faces a street and the other faces a river.
A long wall that encloses this narrow and long site. The slits open this enclosure.
The 140mm wide slits screen inner privacy from outside views. But the slits bring 60 lights into the
house. This proposes one method to live in a dense residential area in Japan where houses stand
side by side.
The house presents her both a life space with a soft light and an interesting experience of scale
unlikely in a house.
This architecture has a silent ambiance just as in the midst of a solitary jar and a poetic clearness
as in an endless spatiality. The slits hold the promise of an innovative design method of architecture.
The Slit House has its own special time:
> At dawn, watery light comes into the house through the slits, and makes the entire room faintly bright.
> At 9:30AM,sequence of the feeble light that reflects to header of slits appears.
> At 10:30AM, the sunlight pierces through angled slits first.
> At 11:00AM,the sunlight pierces through all the slits.
The sunlight through the slit and the reflected light on the header of the slit project
the stripe of V type through the long corridor. If you saw the repetition of this edgy light, you might
feel as if time of 11:00AM has stopped.
The moments that the sun pierces through the angled slits get a little earlier than the straight one.
The momentary time lag lets us feel a running of the sun and makes us sense the upcoming time of the dusk. And it shortens little by little. Watery light fills the house again with soft brightness.
Then night comes. ;-)

Architects : Eastern Design Office
Location : Japan
Site Area : 318m²
Building Area : 210m²
Structure : Reinforced Concrete
Levels : Ground
Materials used : Concrete, Glass, Timber, Hemp carpet

Photos credits: Koichi Torimura

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